Bisexual Passions Review

Bisexual passions
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Bisexual Passions Review

Bisexual Passions is a free website for Bisexual Dating, Social Networking for Bisexuals and Bi-curious, Personals, and Chat. Looking through the site, Bisexual Passions appears to be trying to be all sites in one place for bisexuals.

One problem with this approach is that there are several redundancies. You can find books in its own dropdown menu, under the Popular dropdown, and under the Videos and Fun Stuff dropdown. Video games are under the Popular Dropdown and the Videos and Fun Stuff dropdown. Blogs are found under their own dropdown menu and also under the Videos and Fun Stuff dropdown. Hopefully the different places are all synced for updates. Obviously, someone has done a lot of work to get the site organized. All of the sections that could be completed by an administrative person are well-organized and contain useful information. These sections include the Popular section of the menu, the Books, and the Help section of the menu.

Most of the sections which require member participation are much more sparsely completed. This discrepancy can be seen most starkly on the chat and webcam chat, the forums, and the blogs.

The site seems to having problems keeping members active. The front page listed the number of members under each of the following categories:

  • •Bi Female Seeking Female -14,312 members
  • •Basically Straight, but Bi Curious – 14,191 members
  • •Bisexual Female – 10,378 members
  • •Equally Attracted to Both Sexes - 8,499 members
  • •Bi Male Seeking Male – 7,813 members
  • •Bisexual Male – 6,729 members
  • •Bi Male Seeking Female – 5,797
  • •Bi Female Seeking Male – 3,829

Those numbers would imply that Bisexual Passions has a thriving membership base. However, on a recent visit, only 19 people were logged in. Even allowing for overlap between the groups, that is a tiny percentage of the members using the site.

Bisexual Passions is the bisexual dating portion of the Passions network. It is possible that some of those membership numbers come from outside this specific site. Regardless, it looks like Bisexual Passions is promising something it can’t deliver.

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