Systems that streamline, simplify and support. The end benefit? Increased productivity, profitability and plant safety levels.




Palletising can be a tricky business. Fortunately Visy's Automation team offers a complete automated palletising system that's set up to handle a wide range of products.

Designed by Visy, the control system provides reliable and accurate diagnostics:

  • Flexible / robotic and dedicated palletising solutions
  • Single-line, end of machine palletising machines through to multi-line warehousing systems
  • Reliable and innovative pallet and product handling solutions (distribution systems, pallet shuttles, pallet dispensers and conveying systems)
  • Minimal setup time between stack configurations
  • Intuitive and comprehensive machine operator interface


High-Speed Robotic Palletiser and Depalletiser

Visy, in conjunction with Hartness, offer a turnkey automated palletising system that uses highly efficient, multi-zoned vacuum grippers or advanced servo-mechanical grippers. That means it's set up to handle all kinds of products, varying capacities and different packaging formats. 

As well as this, Visy's palletising system gives customers reliable and accurate diagnostics. It's intuitive to use and requires minimal operator interaction, beyond supply and removing pallets - so it's great for customers from an efficiency point of view. Plus, this system requires minimal set-up time between stack configurations and can be scalable to handle multiple lines at the same time.

Palletising speeds will obviously vary depending on the size and type of the product, pallet pattern handling and distribution and slip-sheet requirements. However as a guide, a standard robot system can pick and place 8-12 times a minute. Depending on the pallet pattern this can equate to 30-50 packs a minute per robot.

The pallets add up - and so do the benefits for busy warehouses.

Major benefits of the system include:

  • Automatic pallet dispensing and distribution
  • Minimised pallet change over times
  • Complete turnkey functionality and operability - no product size change or pallet pattern issues
  • Sophisticated vacuum or servo mechanical gripping solutions
  • Experienced in palletising a wide range of products in a wide range of packaging formats
  • Minimal operator interaction
  • Real-time production feedback data


Need to an easy way to convey your pallets? We can help. Visy offers a comprehensive range of product-conveying solutions - ranging from an individual conveyor to complex integrated systems for high-speed sorting and distribution. So whether you're running a small scale production or a massive operation, Visy conveyors can help get the job done.

All our systems incorporate quality components and drives, so you can feel confident you're getting the best. They're all fitted with both height and angle adjustable legs and can be manufactured in either powder coated or stainless steel according to your preference. And while standard conveyors are available in widths from 300mm to 800mm (with standard increments in multiples of 100mm), custom widths can also be arranged. After all, no two workspaces are quite the same.



Visy has a range of carton conveyors on offer - from the type that uses low-friction skate rollers, to heavier duty conveyors featuring full-width rollers and precision bearings. Our heavier duty conveyors are manufactured using side frames identical to those in our powered conveyors, which means your line can be upgraded to a controlled system at a later date if the need arises.


Line-Shaft Conveyor

If you need a conveyor with a moderate overall capability, but you don't need products to be accurately separated and controlled, then our line-shaft conveyor is the ideal low-cost solution for you.

Line-shaft rollers are driven from an underlying drive shaft using polyurethane drive bands - which are located in the groove precision bearing end cap. Depending on the application, these line-shaft conveyors may be used for low-pressure accumulation. For more demanding applications, alternative technologies are also available.


Chain-Driven Line Roller Conveyor

Chain-driven rollers are powered via drive bands from sprocket pulleys, which are driven by a continuous underlying chain. The standard setting is eight rollers per sprocket pulley. Drive is transferred from a single driven roller with jump bands to adjacent rollers.


Belt-Over-Slider-Bed Conveyor

For more demanding high speed and accurate displacement requirements, we offer a high quality belt-over-slider-bed conveyor. These can be configured as straight transfer conveyors, metering and gaping conveyors, and 90-degree curve conveyors. They provide the ideal platform for case identification and tracking, ink jet printing and labelling, and stable inclining and declining of products.

When coupled with our patented high-speed product divert system, this type of conveyor also provides a highly reliable product sorting solution for applications where there are minimal product gaps running at speeds of up to 100m a minute.


Belt-Over-Drive Conveyor

These systems include a belt-over-roller powered conveyor that uses a patented drive mechanism enabling it to transport lightweight products at up to 100m a minute - plus, it boasts noise levels of less than 78dBA. A roller conveyor also can be configured as a positive tangential chain drive for high load carrying capacity, and as a true zero pressure accumulation solution by incorporating a series of pneumatic clutches.


High-Speed Sorter Conveyors

Is speed a high priority for you? Then Visy's high-speed sorters may be just what you need. These incorporate a slave-driven steerable wheel system that elevates and transfers packages from the mainline conveyor to a 45º spur. We offer plastic modular belt and vibratory sorter conveyors.



Overall efficiency is something every operation aims for - and Visy's robotic pallet de-strapping system helps achieve it. Not only does it streamline your production operations, it helps you save on labour costs and improve the safety and reliability of your plant.

VR4/PD - Robotic Function Package


  • Automatically locates, cuts and removes plastic pallet hold-down straps
  • Operates at 4 bands a minute
  • Streamlines production operations
  • Easily adapts to a range of strapping formats
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Helps de-staffing of depalletising area
  • Proven in applications such as those in the beverage industry


By teaming up with Hartness International, Visy is able to offer dynamic accumulation to integrate with your packaging solution.

Hartness International's DYNAC 6400 Series Conveyor System has helped to redefine the role of conveyors in high efficiency lines - bringing dramatic improvements to line throughput and overall product volume. As well as this, DYNAC provides first-in/first-out, pressureless product handling and accumulation.

DYNAC has the unique ability to automatically expand its usable length as the line demands. Frequent slowdowns and micro-stops that are inherent in even the best-designed lines can dramatically reduce throughput. But with DYNAC, the effect of these occurrences is virtually eliminated, and by providing a constant and optimal product flow to line components, productivity is raised.



Visy can automatically load one or multiple machines with materials as required:

  • Wraparound machines
  • Multi-packs and sleeves
  • Can ends

The process of automatic loading eliminates the need to have people on hand to load, stack and remove material - saving on labour costs as a result. Even for multiple machines tended by one robot, the return on investment has proved to be impressive.



Visy can provide automatic guided vehicles to integrate with your existing packaging solutions.