Visy is fortunate to partner with a variety of globally-renowned brands that assist us to deliver excellence across all channels of our business, locally and internationally.



Assisting in delivering excellence

Visy is fortunate to partner with a variety of globally-renowned brands, that assist us to deliver excellence across all channels of our business, locally and internationally. Below are some of Visy’s esteemed partners:

  • Polyone

    A leading global innovator and provider, Polyone specialise in polymers materials, services and solutions. Products include liquid colour and additives for plastics manufacturing which are used to improve the aesthetics, sustainability, performance and processing of plastic packaging. Polyone also makes additives that provide improved oxygen and light barrier properties for PET rigid packaging. Incorporating Polyone's leading polymer technologies assists Visy in providing innovative and value-creating offerings in plastic packaging to our customers.

  • Pira

    Visy uses the services and expertise of the packaging food safety laboratories at Smithers Pira in the UK. The labs are world-respected in their expertise in food safety and accredited test laboratories and serve the need for an independent 3rd party professional opinion.

  • PTI

    Plastic Technologies Inc (PTI) is recognised worldwide for plastic package design, package development, rapid prototyping, pre-production prototyping, and material evaluation engineering for the plastic packaging industry. PTI is engaged on a project basis to provide technical support for product development which ensures optimised project and product delivery for Visy and its customers.

  • Deakin University

    Deakin University has a longstanding record of utilising cutting-edge information technology and material sciences research. Visy and Deakin continue to collaborate on both niche and emerging research fields, as well as a broad range of design-led innovation projects.

  • Swinburne University

    Swinburne University's state-of-the-art research and design centres focus on responding to industry, government and community priorities. Visy and Swinburne have worked in concert for many years to innovate and educate across a variety of endeavours.

  • RMIT

    RMIT is a global university of technology and design and Australia's original tertiary institution. Part of RMIT's vision is to connect, through active partnerships with professions, industries and organisations to support the quality, reach and impact of our education and research. Visy and RMIT have a long-standing work history, and in recent years, Visy and the new Centre for Design and Society have worked on many projects involving sustainability and the implications on packaging design.

  • ACMI

    Visy brings ACMI’s (Bottling & Packaging Systems) best practice solutions for the food and beverage industry to Australia through our national sales and technical support team. Differentiated by their technical design and depth of in-house process specialisation, ACMI have specialised for over 30 years in packaging and palletising solutions including conveying, layer forming, palletising, de-palletising, handle application, pallet wrapping, stretch sleeving and complete turn-key Line delivery. With a customer list boasting a host of globally recognised brands, ACMI is now exceeding €50 million a year in sales, making them a leading global player in the industry.

  • Boix

    Visy is the largest supplier of Boix tray erecting equipment in Australia and continues to provide expert sales, technical and maintenance support nationally. Visy has worked closely with Boix for decades ensuring high quality, safety and reliable operation for a wide range of Australian tray designs and corrugated board grades. The Boix philosophy, which is evident in every machine we integrate, is one of robust design, a high quality of materials and workmanship, and ease of operation and versatility.

  • CSW

    For over a decade Visy has represented CSW (Can Systems Worldwide) in Australia and New Zealand. CSW manufacture a range of can end feeding, de-bagging and accumulating systems for the beverage can and food can markets. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic systems perform the operation of feeding can-ends to seaming machines, unwrapping can-ends from their paper bags and accumulating both un-wrapped and rolls of wrapped can-ends. Their systems are able to automatically de-palletise the rolls, making the process, from pallet to seamed can, nearly completely automated. CSW machines are precision-built in The Netherlands to the highest quality. Visy provide local sales, technical support and on-going maintenance via our national Automation team.