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of safety

At Visy, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our people.


At Visy, safety is our number 1 priority

Visy Logistics is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for all its employees, across all job functions, and has strict controls in place to deliver on this promise.


Proactive safety culture

We work hard to maintain a culture of best practice safety, Occupational Health & Safety and Chain of Responsibility (COR) and compliance.

Our teams execute a safe working environment through site inductions, fatigue management, load restraint guidelines and mass management. Visy Logistics has programs in place to manage speed, vehicle maintenance, driving behaviour, drug and alcohol compliance and utilises GPS technology in company fleet to manage Chain of Responsibility along with vehicle positioning and delivery status.


National and state compliance

We are committed to conducting and managing our business activities in compliance with all applicable national and state laws, regulations and codes of practice, to ensure the safety of all road users.

Our strict adherence to our Chain of Responsibilities obligations include being an accredited member of:

  • RLSC (Retail Logistics Supply Chain) Code of Practice administered by the Australian Logistics Council
  • NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme)
  • Compliant participant in the Mass Management and Fatigue Management programs
  • Participate in Logistics Safety Solutions (LSS) Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • Fatigue management accreditation

Chain of Responsibility Policy

Visy’s Chain of Responsibility (COR) Policy applies to loaders, packers, consignees and consignors, drivers, contractors, and even people responsible for purchasing and maintaining Visy vehicles.

The COR policy ensures that we:

  • Comply with all applicable road laws;
  • Will not knowingly make, meet or encourage any requirement or demand that could breach applicable road laws;
  • Ensure that all equipment is safe;
  • Will be known as courteous users of the road network

At Visy, we also:

  • Ensure that this policy is communicated across our business and to our suppliers and contractors;
  • Ensure that all parties to the COR are trained and competent in their roles;
  • Ensure COR clauses are specified in all contracts involving heavy freight transport;
  • Implement programs to manage fatigue and speed;
  • Maintain our equipment to a high standard and keep abreast of innovations to support and ensure vehicle safety;
  • Implement strict alcohol and drug policies;
  • Encourage driver health and wellbeing;
  • Manage mass, dimension and load restraint issues in accordance with legal and safe operating requirements;
  • Establish open communication systems to ensure issues and concerns reach management and are acted upon, and;
  • Implement and maintain systems and regularly audit our performance to ensure compliance with this policy throughout Visy.