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Sustainability isn't just a part of Visy. It's fundamental to everything we do – from the products we make, to the way we make them.



We think and act for the long term today

Sustainability sits at the centre of our operating model. It drives our advocacy of key actions that will determine the long-term prosperity of our communities.

We believe sustainability is central to our future as a business, so it plays a part in every decision we make. We also believe sustainability works for our business on a practical level. It increases market opportunities, cuts unnecessary cost, increases profit and encourages a culture of innovation among our employees.

Visy was one of the first large companies to make its business model sustainable. From our early days when we replaced wooden crates with cardboard boxes, to making those boxes from waste material. In 1979, we commissioned our first 100% recycled paper mill, triggering a transformation in Australia’s paper recycling sector. The mills that followed provided a commercial stimulus for national recycling movements. We built on this closed-loop approach to develop methods beyond cardboard recycling, to recycle plastics and other products. Now we’re investing in new technologies and processes to constantly improve our plants, including investments in renewable energy solutions and clean energy.

As Australia and New Zealand’s largest integrated business linking recycling and manufacturing at scale, we are an integral partner in helping our customers work towards their own sustainability targets and make a significant contribution to sustainability for the wider community. This creates shared value and underpins long-term business relationships.

And while our network may span the breadth of Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the region, our plants, warehouses and people are primarily part of the local communities, with many in regional locations. This is part of our commitment to making a positive ongoing difference to local communities.

At Visy we are more than what we make. We’re committed advocates on some of the bigger issues that make a difference to us, our customers and our communities. From pushing for more sustainable manufacturing approaches to creating better economic futures for regional communities. We champion policies for government and business and acknowledge the role we can play in addressing global challenges.

Together, these efforts support our vision to be the global leader in creating sustainable packaging solutions for a better world.

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